We all know Save the date photography is trending in Kerala

How It Become viral !!

save the date photography kerala

What is mean By save the Date Wedding Photography Kerala?

Save the Date Wedding Photography Kerala or Pre Wedding Photography is the first step right after you get committed or engaged and actually set a date. Once you have images and a few save the date designs you can email, snail mail and post on social media. Be careful posting on social media because it may seem like you are inviting everyone.

as Top wedding photography In Kochi. We have a bit of expertise on how to capture that perfect, electric Save The Date photo worthy of framing (or at least worth a long life on your friends & family members’ refrigerators!)

Creating stunning Save The Dates has never been so easy thanks to sites like Tj Wedding Films. Offering unique designs sourced from a community of independent artists, Tj wedding films Kochi always have fresh designs for an always-changing wedding world. Pick from luxurious papers, custom monogram designs, hand illustrations – the customizations are seemingly endless and right at your fingertips, online!

But first, you need the perfect photo to feature. Next, you’ll be creating your own perfect Save The Date. We think this Aisle Society styled shoot is basically the “dream sesh” and guess what, it’s totally achievable by you, your love and your own engagement photographer by following these steps.

Save the Date Options In Kerala

We all know, save the date photoshoots are trending In Kerala.

save the date photography kochi


You set your date and now you need to create “save the date cards” or some sort of custom save the date message on social media. There are literally tons of creative options from refrigerator magnets to stickers to elaborate pop-up cards. These items can be on plastic, metal, glass, photo paper or 100% post-consumer recycled paper. You can often bundle these ideas with your wedding invitations and wedding announcements too. You’ll have all the things you need to help folks mark their calendars.

unique save the date pictures

All of our wedding photography packages come with an engagement photo session. If you already have engagement photographs we can call it “Save the Date” photos. You can bring along some props to show off and celebrate your wedding date. Plus we’ll get to know each other. We can go pretty much any place you like.

Why save the date wedding In Kerala style?

Weddings are about love, romance and starting something new and important. Sure you could snap a selfie and post on Instagram. It’ll get lots of likes and hearts. But is that what you really want? A wedding is sort of a big deal. Engagement photos are pretty much the same thing as save the date images. They can be part of the save the date designs too! Having a photo session with a professional is a great way to test drive a photographer.

How We can implement some varieties to save the date Photoshoot.

Choose Neutral Backgrounds.

save the date Photo shoot

Beachy sand dunes, desert scenes, white-walled lofts, and gallery spaces instantly come to mind when I’m planning portrait sessions. Dreamy, creamy, neutral tones not only lend well to all skin tones in photos but they allow you and your love to pop and take center stage in photos. Cluttered & busy backgrounds can be fun but will detract from the most important subject: you two.

Brainstorm places with your Wedding photographer Kochi that feature plenty of negative space and creamy colors like whites, nudes, peaches, and light blues.

Laugh, Dance, Get Loosey-Goosey!

save the date photoshoot kerala viral.

When my couples are tense, I always make them fake laugh on camera. It sounds silly, and yes – it looks silly! But the magic happens just as they’re done laughing at themselves for doing something so bizarre – they loosen up.

Laughing, twirling and dancing those on-camera jitters out will not only make you looser and more relaxed but probably provide all the candid photo ops you need for the perfect Save The Date shot.

Choose a Location Where You’re Comfortable

This is important: choose a location that you’re comfortable in. That cafe you met in may be super special but are you comfortable photographing in crowds, around strangers? If yes, go for it! If not, perhaps select a time that is calmer, or ask the cafe (or space in question) if you can come in before they open or during after hours.

Selecting a calm space, or just a place you feel “in the zone” will help make you loads more comfortable in front of the camera, giving your photographer plenty of beautiful, natural shots to work with.

Yes this is is the end of the story I hope you guys get an idea about save the date wedding photography

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